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Pain As A Metaphor

How should we describe pain to our athletes?Is it a war against "damage" with use of our "fascia-blasters"? Or, perhaps, something more positive..The following comes from ClinicalAthlete Member Michael Amato,...

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Why Should Squats Be A Staple In Rehab?

By ClinicalAthlete Member Michael Amato, DPT:When choosing exercises to prescribe for physical rehab, I look for the above characteristics and for most lower body and spinal pain/injuries it doesn’t get...

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Neutral Spine In The Squat?

Are we sure that exists?Perhaps this is an example of "what we say vs. reality". ⠀McKean et al [FREE DOWNLOAD] found that the lumbar spine flexed ~25 degrees near the bottom of...

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Knees Over Toes = Bad?

From ClinicalAthlete Member Sam Spinelli, DPT:Can your knees pass your toes?⠀Have you heard that it is harmful for your knee to pass your toes? This is a common narrative told...

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Is "Impingement" Really To Blame For Rotator Cuff Pathology?

By ClinicalAthlete Member Jason Eure, DPT:The outdated story - the rotator cuff becomes impinged against the acromion during overhead activities- resulting in compression and subsequent tissue damage.⠀⠀This often leads to...

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Posture And Pain

By ClinicalAthlete Member Michael Amato, DPT:You may have heard claims that the cause and/or prevention of many musculoskeletal injuries and symptoms can be traced back to posture, especially neck and...

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