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Earning this badge means something. 

The Directory is built on trust.

It is a resource to connect athletes with clinicians and coaches they trust and who understand their goals. 

It is also a 
trusted referral network for clinicians, showing them which like-minded healthcare professionals they can collaborate with and be proud to stand alongside.

As a healthcare provider or coach yourself, we're willing to bet that you understand the importance of gaining and holding onto your client's trust, right?

What follows is the ClinicalAthlete Provider Code. This is the standard to which we hold every Provider in our Directory. 

As a ClinicalAthlete Provider, my core values are:
  1. Being a trustworthy resource for my clients and community at large, and conducting myself in a way deserving of that trust
  2. Prioritizing the well-being and self-efficacy of each client above all else
  3. Understanding my client and their world to the fullest extent possible, so that I may guide them toward their individual goals
  4. Being a good steward of my client’s time, energy and resources by providing accurate clinical narratives, working against the spread of misinformation, and avoiding unnecessary interventions
  5. Taking ownership for the development of my literacy in rehabilitation and performance research, so I can better inform my words and actions in my clinical and coaching practice
  6. Willingly and humbly engaging in discussion, with myself and others, to examine my own beliefs, understand differing viewpoints, acquire new information and improve myself through this process
  7. Committing to the discipline of my own physical training so that I know what it is to be an athlete, and so I may be disposed to give the most of myself to my clients
  8. Conducting myself with professionalism and dignity always, and carrying the ClinicalAthlete name and reputation with the respect they deserve

Do you agree with the above? If so, we invite you to take the next step - APPLY TO THE CLINICALATHLETE DIRECTORY

You might have more questions..

"What specific treatments or schools of thought does ClinicalAthlete Support?"
We don't necessarily require or recognize certain schools of thought or certifications. What we prioritize are clinicians who are open to learning and critical thinking, use the scientific evidence to help guide their decisions and are open to having a discussion and even being wrong at times. In regards to the specific treatments that a ClinicalAthlete Provider may use, we expect them to be able to have a rationale for what they do. That's why we like them to interact in the Forum; so we can get a feel for their openness to discuss.

"Do I have to be working with a certain number of athletes to be approved as a ClinicalAthlete Provider?"
There's not a requirement for the amount of athletes you see, in order to be a CA Provider. That would be a slippery slope, as we'd have no valid way of monitoring, determining who counts as an 'athlete', determining what arbitrary % of caseload matters, etc. Our 'criteria' is mostly centered around clinicians who have an eagerness and passion for learning and mastering their craft and being the best resource for their clients that they can be. Again, that all comes with a degree of humbleness and oppennes and learning and being wrong. 

ClinicalAthlete Mission

Connecting athletes and providers to maximize health and performance.
Educating professionals in the fields of athlete health and performance.

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