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Clinical Athlete Diaries: Pt Education Entry #1: "I Can Relate"

Written on 12.22.19 by Quinn Henoch, DPT, ClinicalAthlete Provider, CWC Instructor:The following is part of an email exchange with a client who'd been dealing with recurrent low back pain: "I completely understand...

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Clinical Athlete Diaries: Programming Entry #2: Execution & Freak Accident

Written on 12.13.19 by Quinn Henoch, DPT, ClinicalAthlete Provider, CWC InstructorSo, we started 11.5ish weeks ago with "The Plan". I outlined what I planned to do after a 9 month layoff from...

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Clinical Athlete Diaries: Programming Entry #1: The Plan

Written on 9.23.19 by Quinn Henoch, DPT, ClinicalAthlete Provider, CWC Instructor I’ve been in a training rut. The picture above was 9 months ago at the 2018 American Open Finals. I don’t...

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Linking Evidence To Practice: Multi Part Series: Free Downloads

Here is a nice multi-part series on integrating research evidence into practice and interpreting research results. Each write up is only 2 pages long! You could finish the whole series in...

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Patellofemoral Pain: Clinical Practice Guidelines: Free Download

The Journal of Sports Physical Therapy recently published their most current clinical practice guideline document for Patellofemoral Pain! It's a BEAR, but a comprehensive look at the current evidence for...

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Blood Flow Restriction: Methodology, Application, And Safety: Research Download

An updated Position Stand paper on Blood Flow Restriction training came out this year, and it's Open Access!Here is the full citation, with free download links! Patterson SD. et al. (2019)...

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