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Tooth Fairy Science

One of our favorite terms thrown around in the ClinicalAthlete Forum.“Tooth Fairy Science” (coined by Harriet Hall, MD) is the notion that you can have a perfectly crafted, methodologically sound study,...

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Low Back Kinematics In People With & Without Back Pain

This info is from a research article titled: Comparing lumbo-pelvic kinematics in people with and without back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysisBelow is a link to download the full article!A quote...

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Pain As A Metaphor

How should we describe pain to our athletes?Is it a war against "damage" with use of our "fascia-blasters"? Or, perhaps, something more positive..The following comes from ClinicalAthlete Member Michael Amato,...

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Clinical Athlete Diaries: Pt Education Entry #1: "I Can Relate"

Written on 12.22.19 by Quinn Henoch, DPT, ClinicalAthlete Provider, CWC Instructor:The following is part of an email exchange with a client who'd been dealing with recurrent low back pain: "I completely understand...

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