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Tait Brown

Current Role Working With The Athletic Population
I run my Exercise Physiology business, Total Body Benefit, out of barbell athlete gym. It is comprised primarily of powerlifters but there is also plenty of weightlifters and strongmen/strongwomen.
Professional Philosophy
I believe, we as allied health, are facilitators of change and educators. I hope to educate my athletes to understand their experiences of pain and empower them to keep training. Sometimes athletes don't like simply reducing overall intensity which is why I like to add variations of lifts that may reduce overall load but keep RPE high.
Athletic Background

I have participated in track, swimming, gymnastics, combat sports,  weightlifting and powerlifting. Currently my focus is powerlifting, with plans to shortly move back into weightlifting and try strongman.

Academic Background and Professional Training
Bachelor of Exercise Science & Masters of clinical Exercise Physiology
Additional Information

Contact & Connect

Total Body Benefit (P)
Tait Brown
385 Oxford St. Paddington, Sydney, NSW, AU, 2021
P: +61409226321

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