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Michael Falk, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

Current Role Working With The Athletic Population
I own and operate my own sports medicine practice. 90 % of our case load is competitive athletes (high school, college and professional). We specialize in ACL rehabilitation, baseball players and competitive runners. About 50% of our clients are high school athletes, 25% are college athletes and 25% are professional athletes at various levels of sports. 10% of our case load is recreational athletes (runners, weight lifters/fitness athletes and golfers). We currently refer out for patients that don't have some type of fitness or athletic related goal.
Professional Philosophy
1) Objective Measurements for assessment and tracking progress. We currently utilize hand held dynamometry (Mark 10 that Scot Morrison helped design) and a dual force plate system (ForceDecks) to asses and build a plan to target deficits. 2) Restoring Movement Variability. I believe that injuries or pain tends to decrease movement variability and lock the athlete into one movement pattern. For example, following ACL-R they tend to self select into a hip dominant strategy for different tasks. We try to restore their ability to move in multiple ways comfortably and confidently. 3) Restoring underlying capacity through systematic and progressive loading. Utilizing the objective assessments we try to restore baseline strength and power through a structured program. We work with the athlete to design a program that they are able to complete with confidence between visits. 4) The athlete is injured not dead, generally only one limb is involved. That leaves 3 other limbs that can train hard with minimal restriction, in addition we try to maintain fitness on a modality that does not compromise the involved side. 5) Structured Return-To-Sport. Utilizing the objective information for decision making, we seek to help design a return-to-practice program that is safe and gradual and then a structured return into competition. We do our best to try to track and build up the athletes A:C ratio as they go back into practice and games.
Athletic Background
High School Athlete playing football, basketball and lacrosse Currently Avid Golfer Currently train 3-4x/week. I write my own programs and focus on overall strength, power and general fitness. Programming philosophy has been heavily influenced by Scot Morrison's Course, Mladen's Book, and Conditioning Principles from Joel Jamison
Academic Background and Professional Training
BS in Athletic Training from Marquette University, graduated in 2012 DPT from Marquette University, graduated in 2017 Currently Adjunct Faculty Member at Marquette University in the Masters of Athletic Training Program (Upper Extremity and Spine rehabilitation), Undergraduate Exercise physiology program (Principles of Strength and Conditioning) and DPT Program (Sports Specialty Elective)
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Michael Falk, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS
405 Genesee St, Delafield, WI, US, 53018
P: 2626969142

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