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Erik Nabi

Current Role Working With The Athletic Population

I primarily work with athletes in the following capacities: 

  1. Athletes dealing with pain related to athletic performance. I feel comfortable working with athletes from any sport, but my most consistent client base consists of powerlifters, CrossFitters, marathon runners, triathletes, fitness professionals/participants from the group fitness setting.
  2. Athletes looking to boost athletic performance through better movement control. Many athletes I initially work with due to pain will end up continuing to work with me to improve movement efficiency. This is a great approach for improving movement capacity to enhance sport-specific training and also injury prevention.
Professional Philosophy

I began form+function movement lab to provide athletes with a hybrid gym-clinic environment to help them solve their movement problems. My personal belief is that most athletes have the drive to become stronger and more efficient movers. However, they don't always have the best guidance to do so on their own. My mission is to empower athletes by teaching them better movement mechanics they can employ in their training and sports performance. We do this with the goal to improve athletic potential, as well as to overcome current injury and become resilient to future injury.

Athletic Background

I played baseball and participated in the javelin through the division one collegiate level at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

I continue my passion for sports and fitness through recreational participation in weightlifting, road biking, running, sand volleyball, and snowboarding.

Academic Background and Professional Training

My highest level of education is a doctoral degree in Chiropractic. Leading up to this education, I earned a BS in biology from UNC-Asheville and a MS in oncology-based research from SUNY-Buffalo.

I have considerable continuing education in the administration of myofascial release techniques, as well as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) exercise therapy. The combination of hands-on therapy as well as educating through effective exercise training is the basis of my treatment approach.

Additional Information

We like to work hard and have fun at our gym-clinic. We are the provider for you if you are looking to own your therapy and sweat a little with us.

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form+function movement lab
Erik Nabi
5020 Oaklawn Dr, Cincinnati, OH, US, 45227
P: 513-485-6776

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