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Current Role Working With The Athletic Population

I love helping athletes achieve their potential –  whether as a part of injury rehabilitation, performance enhancement or as on-going recovery modality.   Elite athletes the world over use sports medicine acupuncture to help them recover from injuries, reduce stress and optimize performance.  I know being an athlete at the top of your game requires a team effort, and I’d love to be a part of yours.  Anatomy Acupuncture has experience with a wide variety of athletes from recreational to professional and is honored to work with many local Portland athletes, teams and organizations; currently including the Portland Trail Blazers and Bowerman Track Club athletes.  Additionally I am thrilled to work with many local powerlifters, dancers, ultra-runners and tri-athletes. 

Professional Philosophy
Whether you play sport for fun or compete for your livelihood or just want get out of bed in the morning without pain – I want to help you heal faster and move better. Acupuncture is useful for a wide variety of conditions and as a core philosophy takes a holistic view of health and you as individual – everything is connected! However, my particular area of expertise and interest is in treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, injuries,  pre and post-surgical rehab, and athletic performance.

Our mission at anatomy acupuncture is to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness. At anatomy acupuncture we strive to provide you with the best possible care within our scope of practice.

You the patient are the most important part of the practice. With that in mind we will do all we can to better your quality of life using acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui na and other therapies. We promise that if your condition is beyond our care we will refer you to someone who can help. We believe in integrated, cooperative and complementary health care.

We at anatomy acupuncture believe that good health requires your involvement. Treatment is not about what we can do for you, but how we can help you help yourself. Your course of treatment will include education and recommendations for what you can do between your treatments in order to improve your quality of life and reduce the number of treatments you need. Our ultimate goal is to keep you healthy rather than to treat illness – but we need your help to get you there.

Athletic Background
As a lifelong athlete and one who has been frequently injured – I understand what it means to get side-lined by pain and/or injury. I know that “just stop doing that” isn’t an acceptable treatment plan. I know that your sport is more than just physical activity; it is your social life, your sanity, and your joy. I know that injuries aren’t just physical and that the mental aspect of healing can sometimes be the hardest part. I know that you are more than your injury and your sport.

While I've been involved in various sports throughout my life (dance swimming, martial arts, yoga, rowing, rugby, crossfit) I started competitive powerlifting about 3 years ago and have fallen in love with it.  I finished 8th in my weightclass, open category at 2018 USAPL raw nationals and have some big goals as I head into the Masters category in a year and half. I also love hiking in the gorgeous PNW and feel so lucky to call it home. 

Academic Background and Professional Training
From an undergraduate degree in neuroscience where I spent my time in a basement room running brain damaged rats through mazes to test their memory in Maine; to studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine in San Diego and having the opportunity to intern with world renowned sports medicine acupuncturist Matt Callison; to moving to Portland and starting Anatomy Acupuncture – I have an unrelenting interest in how we as humans function. I am curious about our bodies and brains – why we have pain and how we can feel and move better. I am grateful on a daily basis for a skill set and profession I am wildly passionate about and to all the patients who give me the privilege of being part of their healthcare team.

For a detailed list of my educational and professional experience please visit this link

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