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Alex Derksen

Current Role Working With The Athletic Population
My current caseload deals with athletes from general population to elite level and from youth to masters aged.  I believe an athlete is any individual who has active-related goals, no matter the age, skills, or abilities. I specialize in the management of weightlifters and Crossfitters, helping these athletes perform better and stay healthy longer. At my workplace- The Athlete Centre, we believe every body deserves elite level care. We help bridge the gap between therapy, fitness, and performance and have a gym facility that allows for individuals of all abilities and ages to get back to their meaningful activities/sports without the constraints of your common rehabilitation facility.
Professional Philosophy
I am passionate about empowering individuals through movement, education, and communication, using evidence-based rehabilitation to help individuals overcome obstacles that are holding them back from reaching their goals. A skeptic of the status quo. A genuine believer in scientific principles, critical thinking, effective communication, movement optimism, and a strong coach-athlete relationship. My passion is to help athletes like yourself optimize their health, wellness, & performance to reach their potential not only in training, but in life itself.
Athletic Background
I grew up playing baseball, hockey, golf, and volleyball. I started performance/strength training in high school, and then transitioned into Crossfit for my undergrad. I have been a Crossfit Athlete for ~5 years and a Weightlifting Athlete for ~2 years.
Academic Background and Professional Training


Bachelor of Science in Psychology (University of Victoria, 2016).

Master of Science in Physical Therapy (Queen's University, 2019)

Certifications and Continuing Education

Clinical Athlete Provider

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist

The Level Up Initiative- Mentee

The Honey Badger Project- Founding Member

Hip & Knee: Complex Understanding for Simple Solutions- Dr. Erik Meira

Barbell Medicine Pain & Rehab- Dr. Derek Miles & Dr. Michael Ray

'Sloptimal Loading'- Dr. Scot Morrision

Prehab 101- Dr. Jacob Harden & Dr. Teddy Willsey

Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science- Dr. Greg Lehman

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The Athlete Centre
Alex Derksen
3795 Carey Rd #102, Victoria, British Columbia, CA, V8Z 6T8
P: 2508841584

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