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Alan Richter

Current Role Working With The Athletic Population

I work with a wide variety of athletes with different competition and performance needs. The clinic sees athletes across the spectrum from triathletes, to soccer players to competitive powerlifters. We work with athletes based on where they are in their training cycle and create appropriate plans to keep them performing or training around injury or pain.

I also work athletes who are currently unable to play due being post op or due to traumatic injury to move them through the most up to date evidence based protocols for their specific condition and needs.

Professional Philosophy

I believe that any treatment plan that just focuses on the affected area and bio mechanics but does not account for other factors such as programming, volume, and other contextual factors pertaining to the client is severely lacking. I believe in lifelong learning and recognizing that following the latest evidence, even though it is sometimes lacking and constantly evolving, is offering the best care we can. 

Athletic Background

Past competitive sports:  WTF Taekwondo, American style kickboxing, XC mountain bike 

I currently enjoy experimenting with different approaches to strength training and powerlifting. In addition, I'm currently training for endurance mountain bike racing. I am especially interested in hybrid approaches to training and bridging the gap between strength and endurance sports.

Academic Background and Professional Training

BScKin(Hons) York University, Toronto, Ontario
MScRS (Thesis) University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
MScPT University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Additional Information

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Revive Physiotherapy and Performance
Alan Richter
318 Dundurn St S Unit #9, Hamilton, Ontario, CA, L8P 4L6
P: 289-941-4878

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