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Effect Of Injury Prevention Programs In Soccer

This info is from a research article titled: Effect of specific exercise-based football injury prevention programmes on the overall injury rate in football: a systematic review and meta-analysis of the...

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Effect Of Nordic Hamstring Exercise On Hamstring Injury Rates In Soccer Players

This info is from a research article titled: Effect of Injury Prevention Programs that Include the Nordic Hamstring Exercise on Hamstring Injury Rates in Soccer Players: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisBelow...

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Why Should Squats Be A Staple In Rehab?

By ClinicalAthlete Member Michael Amato, DPT:When choosing exercises to prescribe for physical rehab, I look for the above characteristics and for most lower body and spinal pain/injuries it doesn’t get...

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Blood Flow Restriction: Methodology, Application, And Safety: Research Download

An updated Position Stand paper on Blood Flow Restriction training came out this year, and it's Open Access!Here is the full citation, with free download links! Patterson SD. et al. (2019)...

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Clinical Athlete Diaries: Programming Entry #3: Velocity Based Skwattttsss

About ClinicalAthlete Diaries:This is a blog series written by ClinicalAthlete Providers and coaches that are meant to discuss their practical application and philosophies for coaching and athlete rehab. The aim...

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Muscular Strength Research: Application To Sport And Training Considerations

Linked below is a nice 2-part review series from Tim Suchomel et al for all things muscular strength. These types of review papers make for really nice references that one...

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